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A) Invited talks
2008 'Episodic-like Memory in Birds and Bats', Research Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Uppsala, Sweden
2008 'Immanual Kant's Sparrow - high-level acoustic communication in songbirds and humans', Linguistic Society, University of Cambridge, UK
2005 'Canary-like Singing House Sparrows – An integrative approach', Department of Zoology, Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour, University of Cambridge, UK
2002 'Song and Neuroanatomy of Songbirds', Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, USA

B) Conference talks
2007 'Mental Time Travel in Bats?', International Ethological Conference, Halifax, Canada
2006 'Does functional morphology rather than brain size limit singing proficiency?', 24th International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg, Germany
2005 'Canary-like singing house sparrows - a new model for the study of learnt vocal skills', Animal Social Learning Conference, St Andrews, Scotland
2005 'Episodic-like memory for spatial and temporal cognition during foraging by flower bats (Glossophaginae)', 98. Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society, University of Bayreuth, Germany
2001 'Foreign-language phenomena in birds: means to understand the evolution of high-level acoustic communication', Conference on European Language Policy, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

C) Public talks
2007 'The Einsteins of the birds: The Western Scrub Jay', Santa Barbara, California, USA
2006 'Wie entwickeln sich die kognitiven Fähigkeiten in neurologischer und physiologischer Sicht? Meme als Bausteine des Denkens und Handelns', Munich, Germany
2003 'Stupidity as a trait in evolution', Hamburg, Germany
2002 'Kant´s sparrow - song and brain in birds', Dessau and Halle, Germany
2002 'Canary-like singing house sparrows – a study of song and neuroanatomy', Princeton, USA
2001 'Birds and language', Munich, Germany

D) Seminar Talks
2010 "Immanual Kant's Sparrow": Song Learning and Neurobiology of Canary-Like Singing House Sparrows." UCLA, California, USA
2009 'Episodic-like memory', University of Neuchatel, Swiss
2009 'The Einsteins of the birds: The Western Scrub Jay', UCLA, California, USA
2009 'Sex differences in spatial navigation and spatial IQ', University of Cambridge, UK
2008 'Episodic-like memory', University of Neuchatel, Swiss
2008 'The development of food caching and object permanence by Western Scrub-jays Aphelocoma californica', University of Cambridge, UK
2007 'Episodic-like memory', University of Neuchatel, Swiss
2007 'Collecting Western Scrubjays', University of Cambridge, UK
2006 'Episodic-like memory in rodents ?', University of Cambridge, UK
2006 'Interval timing by an insect and an avian pollinator', Cambridge, UK
2005 'Timing and Memory', Max Planck Institute Seewiesen, Germany
2004 'The good idea: Glossophaga soricina', University of Cambridge, UK

E) Posters
2008 'Temporal cognition in cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus', University of Nottingham, UK
2005 'The memory of learnt vocal skills: ZENK expression patterns in canary-like singing house sparrows', Animal Social learning conference, St Andrews, Scotland
2003 'Immanuel Kant and the House sparrow', Max Planck Institute Seewiesen, Germany
2001 'Possible changes in the song brain of foreign-tutored birds', Max Planck Institute Seewiesen, Germany

Conference organisation
2003 Together with Prof. Hans Fricke and Prof. Redouan Bshary I organised an international conference with the title "Animal Cognition - Testing the Ecological Intelligence Hypothesis" as a farewell to Wolfgang Wickler held at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing near Munich in October, 19th-22nd.